1. Before Your Internship

Project & Time Management (1.5)

How do you make the most of your time during your internship? In the last course before you arrive in your host country, you will gain insight into the daily calendar of an intern. Furthermore, you will learn useful terminology for delivering your project and see how all aspects of your project and tasks will impact your professional development. Also, you will be introduced to the terms and benefits of a career as a Project Manager. You will be able to identify the importance of these terms as they will serve as the foundation for delivering your project(s) abroad. (Estimated Course Completion Time: 30 minutes)

Key Learning Objectives:
*Career Field Knowledge

Professional Skills Developed:
*Identify common strategies for planning your days/weeks.
*Maintain professionalism in how you plan and communicate your ideas, your capacity to take on a task, and your ability to delivery the project.
*Understand the valuable takeaways from meetings and how to acknowledge your place at the conference table.

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  • Project-Based Learning
  • Projects Will Impact Your Professional Development
  • Professional Development: Consider Your Role
  • "Deliverables"
  • Time Management
  • Time Management - Planning & Prioritizing
  • Meetings
  • Project Management Introduction
  • Project Management For Your Career
  • Project Management Terms
  • Let's Review
  • What Have You Learned?
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed