2. During Your Internship

Intercultural Fluency (2.1)

How do you successfully integrate into your new environment? You have just arrived as a guest in a foreign country and you are searching for the best ways to share your knowledge with your new colleagues and peers - while absorbing as much information as possible. In this course, you will gain an understand of how to overcome typical culture shock scenarios; as well as understanding your social and professional identities and the relate to positive mental health. You will learn best practices for cultural agility and understand how to work within multiple local contexts - to bring these powerful experiences back home to your professional network. (Estimated Course Completion Time: 30 minutes)

Key Learning Objectives:
*Country-Specific Knowledge
*Cultural Agility

Professional Skills Developed:
*Identify and overcome common travel and integration scenarios
*Develop your professional identity as a guest in a foreign country and company
*Gain understanding into working across multiple backgrounds and languages to accomplish an objective.

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  • Culture Shock
  • Experiencing Culture Shock
  • Integrating Into Your New Home
  • Integrating Into Your New Office
  • Identity Abroad
  • Your Professional Identity
  • Your Social Media Impact
  • Your Mental Well-Being While Abroad
  • Cultural Agility in the Workplace
  • Working Across Cultures
  • Professional Development: Identify Your Workplace Challenges
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed