2. During Your Internship

Understanding Your Time Abroad (2.5)

Toward the end of your Global Internship Curriculum and Program, you will start to feel a wide range of thoughts and emotions: pure joy, homesick, anxiousness, sadness, excitement - and all of these feelings are valid. It is important that you take time to appreciate and understand the experiences that you have and how to put them in social and professional perspective. In this course, you will learn how to identify the truly remarkable experiences and opportunities that you have and how to overcome any reintegration obstacles you may face back home; as well as how to put all of these experiences to work for you as you begin your career. (Estimated Course Completion Time: 30 minutes)

Key Learning Objectives:
*Cultural Agility
*Global Connections

Professional Skills Developed:
*Identify the effects of “Re-Entry Culture Shock”
*Transition your developed skills and experiences into your career
*How to maintain peer relationships through alumni networks and social media

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  • Internship Takeaways
  • Hard & Soft Skills
  • Your Global Professional Network
  • Your Global Peers & Friends
  • Cultural Takeaways
  • New Perspectives
  • The Travel Bug
  • Preparing for Re-Entry
  • Re-Entry Culture Shock
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed