1. Before Your Internship

Career & Self-Reflection (1.1)

In this self goal-setting course, you will identify your skills, strengths, and experiences relevant to you career and internship aspirations, and how they correlate to CRCC Asia's 5 Key Learning Objectives. You will gain an understanding of the Power Skills that employers are seeking in the current global workforce and how your Resume/CV will evolve with the experiences you gain and the skills you practice throughout your internship. (Estimated Course Completion Time: 30 minutes)

Part of this course will include analyzing your current resume/cv to real-world examples. Please have your resume/cv prepared and ready to view.

Key Learning Objectives:
*Career Field Knowledge

Professional Skills Developed:
*Self-reflect on your soft and hard skills as a benchmark for your CRCC Asia Global Internship curriculum
*Establish a baseline for your professional development by completing self-reflection surveys and engaging with CRCC Asia’s 5 Key Learning Objectives and 8 NACE competencies for career readiness.
*Identify the hits and misses of your resume/cv in its current state and how it will evolve from the start of program to the end.

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  • Welcome to Your Global Internship Curriculum
  • Introduction & Tutorial to CareerBridge
  • CRCC Asia Global Internship Learning Objectives
  • Career Management Content
  • What Are Employers Looking For?
  • Resume/CV: Before Your Internship
  • Resume/CV: After Your Internship
  • Self-Reflection
  • Career Readiness and Internship Preparedness
  • Introduction to Your Professional Development Self-Reflection
  • CRCC Asia Global Internship - Professional Development Self-Reflection
  • Benchmarks & Skill Development
  • Your Skill Development Plan
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed