Career & Self-Reflection (1.1)
1. Before Your Internship
Career & Self-Reflection (1.1)
In this self goal-setting course, you will identify your skills, strengths, and experiences relevant to you career and internship aspirations, and how they correlate to CRCC Asia's 5 Key Learning Objectives. You will gain an understanding of the...
Effective Communication (1.2)
1. Before Your Internship
Effective Communication (1.2)
In this course, you will be introduced to vital written and verbal communication skills within the workplace. You will see examples of how to communicate across numerous cultures and how to utilize current software to make the most of your...
Resume/CV & Interview (1.3)
1. Before Your Internship
Resume/CV & Interview (1.3)
In this course, you will learn the essential skills for writing content and formatting your professional resume/cv. You will also be introduced to various interview formats and the expectations within the specific settings. After all, a solid...
Managing Your Internship Expectations (1.4)
1. Before Your Internship
Managing Your Internship Expectations (1.4)
What are your expectations? As you prepare to join your CRCC Asia Internship Program, you may have many ideas and visions of what it will take to get the most out of your program. In this course, you will prepare yourself for your journey abroad....
Project & Time Management (1.5)
1. Before Your Internship
Project & Time Management (1.5)
How do you make the most of your time during your internship? In the last course before you arrive in your host country, you will gain insight into the daily calendar of an intern. Furthermore, you will learn useful terminology for delivering...
Intercultural Fluency (2.1)
2. During Your Internship
Intercultural Fluency (2.1)
How do you successfully integrate into your new environment? You have just arrived as a guest in a foreign country and you are searching for the best ways to share your knowledge with your new colleagues and peers - while absorbing as much...
Global Networking (2.2)
2. During Your Internship
Global Networking (2.2)
How do you build your professional network and keep positive relationships throughout your career? You are in the beginning stages of your career and it’s imperative that you understand how to build positive professional relationships to...
Internship Awareness (2.3)
2. During Your Internship
Internship Awareness (2.3)
In the middle of your Global Internship Curriculum and Program, it is imperative that you take time to reflect on your Internship and skill development. In this course, you will complete a 2nd round of your Professional Development...
Storytelling & Job Description: Turning Experience into Employment (2.4)
2. During Your Internship
Storytelling & Job Description: Turning Experience into Employment (2.4)
You are in the middle of your internship program - where you are developing skills and experiences that will stay with you forever. It’s not easy to describe what you are going through to your friends and family - and may not get any easier...
Understanding Your Time Abroad (2.5)
2. During Your Internship
Understanding Your Time Abroad (2.5)
Toward the end of your Global Internship Curriculum and Program, you will start to feel a wide range of thoughts and emotions: pure joy, homesick, anxiousness, sadness, excitement - and all of these feelings are valid. It is important that you...